I’m available for speaking, training, and workshops for your organization.

As a personal development teacher and coach, I bring 20 years experience to the table along with my passion, energy, and mission to help people live happy and fulfilled lives. My passion is to help others live theirs by helping them free up the mind of the doubts, limits, fears, and other mental blocks that can get in the way of finding the flow in their lives.

I can talk on a variety of topics on anything from reducing stress and worry to tapping our potential waiting to be discovered and brought to life. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational talk or a hands-on practical oriented training, I can customize my presentation to match your organization’s and audience’s needs.

My Latest Talk

March 18, 2017

I had the honor of speaking at a hosted event for the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness. My talk, Living Your Passion, was about living a life of purpose and meaning, bringing your ideas and creations to life, and making a positive impact in the world.

Edwin Edibiri, the host, runs a global organization called The Happiness Project that’s now represented in 63 cities and 19 countries.


Carl’s presentation moved my audience and I got a lot of compliments for including him in our International Day of Happiness celebration.

He’s got boundless energy, a huge amount of passion, and an inspiring, powerful story!

30 minute interview with Wisdom Talk Radio

Here’s a 30-minute interview I recently did on Wisdom Talk Radio. Take a listen if you have a moment … it was BIG time fun and can’t wait to do more!

6 minute video about my teen & young adult coaching program

Potential Topics

I can cover a wide range of topics and am happy to custom tailor one for your audience.

  • Inspiration / Motivation
  • Creativity
  • State of Mind/ Mindset/ Mindfulness
  • Mind/ Body/ Spirit
  • Mission/Vision/Purpose
  • Performance Improvement
  • Problem Solving
  • State of Flow & Peak Experience
  • Stress Reduction / Wellness
  • Youth development

Benefits & Outcomes

Your audience will leave feeling inspired and have keen insights and practical tools to use immediately. 

Your Mind

Your Mind

  • Tap the power of your mind
  • Access your highest creative abilities
  • Free the mind of doubts, limits, and fears
  • Reduce stress, worry, and anxiety
  • Sharpen your memory, clarity, and focus
  • Experience being more “awake“
  • Shift into optimal states
  • Step outside the constraints created by your mind
  • Pick up on cues from your intuition
Your Body

Your Body

  • Listen to the wisdom of the body
  • Turn a passion into something real, tangible, and productive
  • Improve your health & well-being
  • Enhance peak performance
  • Tap the abilities found in your body
  • Increase your ability to learn new skills, sports, and other activities
  • Master your talent and passion
  • Waken your senses
  • Reduce pain and injuries
Your Life

Your Life

  • Take bold action towards goals and dreams
  • Turn challenges into “fuel for new growth”
  • Maximize happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction
  • Create momentum
  • Achieve more
  • Manage your energy more effectively
  • Reduce stress & worry
  • Turn your challenges into fuel for growth
  • Remain steady in the midst of the unexpected

Key to a Thriving Organization 

When your people are fully supported, they'll be more productive, consistent, and reliable which creates higher retention rates, reduces the cost of hiring and training new people, and ultimately, helps grow your business or organization.

And in the end? You have a triple win - for you, your business, your people.

Carl "the Catalyst"

I'm Carl Contino, life coach and founder of Untapped Genius. I've had the honor of coaching folks from all walks for life, from the homeless to the famous, and all ages. They include entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, visionaries, and others who want to uplevel their game and make a positive impact in the world.

When I coach, I bring "the all of me" to the table - 20 years of teaching and coaching personal development as well as my background in music, engineering, online business development, my love of inventing gadgets, painting and drawing, and getting out into nature, skiing, and kite surfing.

Guide to Life as a Wave
Four Principles of Rhythm & Flow

My approach to personal development is called Life as a Wave and is the culmination of what I've learned teaching and coaching over the past 20 years. The ebook is a summary of natural principles of movement that can be used in any area of life. It's about creating a state of flow so that you can be at your best and enjoy life to the fullest.

What My Clients Say

I've had the honor of working with folks from all walks of life and all ages, including entrepreneurs, small businesses, creatives, visionaries, and others who want to up-level their game and make a positive impact in the world. 

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I am available to speak at your event and will bring 'the all of me" - my passion, energy, insights, and 20 years helping people free up the mind of what stops them from living life to the fullest and being happy and fulfilled.