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No matter what your passion, mission, or endeavor, it all begins with the mind, right? That’s both the good and bad news. If you’ve ever tried to control your mind, change your thoughts, or force the mind to behave, you know just how difficult (if not impossible) it can be! Isn’t it ironic that the mind – the source of our abilities – is also what gets in the way?

What I’ve found is that …

One key to having a smooth-running, turned-on, and fully-functioning mind is to be aware of the (often invisible) constraints, limitations, and false perceptions the mind creates moment to moment. Notice I did not say “change” the mind. It’s more about observing what’s going on – like watching a movie – allowing it all to be there and then to know how to step outside of its effects.

What I do …

As a coach, I get to help people clear the muck of the mind so they can tap its built-in abilities to better do their thing – in other words, I help them stop fighting their brain!

I’ve been helping folks free their minds for 18 years using an approach I call Life as a Wave. I love seeing the incredible relief and joy they get to experience being free from the mind’s self-generating limiting thoughts, false perceptions, harsh judgments, and other illusions that bind us – and the results of their heightened creativity, intelligence, and clarity that naturally emerge.

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